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Reading and writing at home

When they learn to read and write, children seek for information from us but sometimes they also surprise us: they seem to have learned "on their own". If you want to know about the process that children go through while learning to read and write to help them better, we invite you to follow us and sign up for our course.

Niño escribiendo 3.HEIC

The beginning of the 2020 pandemic took us by surprise. With kindergartens and schools closed or available only in virtual way, many parents looked for resources to help children continue learning.

Reading and writing at home was born as a contribution for such particular moment, but it is also a resource that can be used at any time. We want to provide information, experiences and criteria on some reading and writing practices that can be shared in family.


To learn more about us you can visit our IG and if you are interested in participating in our meetings for parents and families, you can send us a message here.

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